It provides a combination of a series of principles and processes for enterprises to realize architecture security features.


Focus on values and threats

Including the value and threats from inside and outside

  • Determine current value
  • Identify risks and gaps
  • Determine priority

Focus on basic capacity-building

It includes capacity-building in three basic aspects: technology, operation and management

  • Security infrastructure for…

his chapter first introduces the architecture definition, objectives, specifications and quality, and then introduces the business architecture, application architecture, data architecture and technical architecture respectively.


The art or science of building

The ability to disassemble the various dependencies (logical) of the construction target and operate the corresponding components (physical )…

Functional department

Product department (Design), technical department (including R & D, operation and maintenance, operation, security, risk control, etc.), legal department, financial department, marketing department, public relations department, administrative department etc.

Cooperation mode

From the functional level, the common way is top-down, that is, from a committee to a specific committee to a specific…

Understand the basic knowledge of the enterprise’s industry

Fully understand the relevant knowledge of the enterprise’s industry, the latest laws and regulations, how to evolve the business form, key systems and communication protocols, specific business processes and systems, etc; At the same time, pay attention to the development and changes of it in the industry, the percentage of…

Business form determines it facilities

Business form determines the form of it. IT construction needs to focus on business.

There is no absolutely security system

Without an absolutely safe system, any system has the possibility of being broken. Whether through technical means or social engineering, there are always ways to be broken.

Know your scope

Know the scope of responsibility and authority of the…



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